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50 mega pixels

The newly launched, and class-leading, 50 megapixel Canon EOS 5DS camera produces higher resolution images than any other DSLR type camera and is one of the most sophisticated and capable such cameras ever built.

I am delighted to report I have taken delivery of my 5DS and am rapidly familierising myself with its many functions and talents. So far, I have just been reading the manual, menu diving and knob twiddling with a bit of snapping to get my head around the massive range of options and settings it offers and to get comfortable with the feel of it.

Shortly, I will get to work shooting some more serious images, to apply, hone and fix my knowledge of the camera. That should be exciting. When I have a selection of photographs worth publishing I will open a gallery of them and provide further observations.

One key question I am trying to answer is, which of my beautiful pro lenses will need to be replaced, and what with, so my glassware is upto the standard of this amazingly high resolution camera. There are very few lenses, at any price, capable of performing to this camera’s quality. Sounds like it will be an expensive upgrade, very expensive.