I have over thirty years of professional experience in advertising and commercial photography. And shooting award winning TV and cinema productions.

If you’re looking for any of these services please give me a call on +44 (0) 7778 641566

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In 1990 I was offering a comprehensive commercial photography service. I was not undertaking video production work. However, after several of my photography clients asked me to make various video films for them. I decided to study the technology, learn the craft, and invest in top quality broadcast television production equipment.

I remortgaged my new home to raise the funds to buy second-hand broadcast TV production equipment. My initial investment was about twice what my house had just set me back. Wow, was that frightening!

My first video job

This came from a client who made generators, for various worldwide markets. I had 13 days to shoot and edit the film and to get a copy to Hong Kong.

After the first week of shooting, we had enough material to start editing. I had never edited any video or film and now was faced with learning to use a full broadcast standard, 3 machine, edit suite with 3D digital effects. And with making a film to professional standards that my client would be delighted with. The pressure was on. This was before non-linear editing, so changing the structure of the film, or even moving one shot, was a major task, that might take a day or more to complete.

I started editing on the Friday evening. I continued through the night and just kept on going. On Monday morning, I stopped editing and went back to the factory to shoot more footage. That evening and through the night I edited. Same again on the Tuesday. On Wednesday we filmed at Cummins Engines’ Darlington plant. Cummins supplied my client with diesel motors. By Wednesday evening I had shot everything we needed. So it was back to the editing for the final furlong. By 17:30 on the second Friday, after completing an 8-day shift, with no sleep, or even rest, the film was ready to ship to the Far East. It arrived on time. It worked, my client was delighted and I was in the film and television business. I was also in a heap but what an experience. There is no better way to learn a craft such as filmmaking than to commit, and strive, and succeed at making a film from concept to screen.

Ongoing career

Since that time my experience includes shooting thousands of hours of broadcast films and programmes as well as making countless videos and films for organisations of all sizes. These have been for clients in many sectors including; UK and local government, nuclear energy, defence engineering, global subsea telecommunications, offshore oil and gas, education, cosmetics, medical, heavy engineering, steel, shipbuilding and charitable. Subject areas include marketing, training, induction, safety, and general business communications. This work has taken me around the world, to 15 countries so far.

To discuss your requirements, please call on +44 (0) 7778 641566

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Director of Photography, Cinematographer & Lighting Cameraman

My freelance experience includes decades of shooting: online media, broadcast television programmes, and film projects. I have also shot countless commercials including two multiple award-winning TV/cinema ads.

I am based in NE England but regularly work across the UK, and around the world.

To get in touch, call +44 (0) 7778 641566

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Education & Training

Full-Time Further Education

After completing an Art Foundation Course, I trained as an advertising photographer. Initially, I studied at Bournemouth & Poole College and finally at Cleveland College of Art and Design. Both are highly respected for the quality of their photography training. In 1979, I qualified with a grade A and was awarded a Diploma Membership of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers.

This was in the days of professionals using large format film when pros had to get it perfect in the camera, every time. So, in-depth training and extensive experience were vital. The work ethic I adopted to succeed at college was good experience for my professional life.

Personal Professional Development

Professional digital photography and filmmaking products and technologies can be highly complex and they evolve very quickly. So, I frequently attend industry workshop, usually in London and always delivered by some of the professions most experienced experts. Some of these courses have been delivered by the Guild of Television Cameramen and have been on: new and specialist digital cameras but others have been on craft skills such as cinematography, filming with drones, 3D filming, high-speed filming, lighting for dramas, video editing, audio recording, and audio mastering.

Post Graduate Education

In 1990 I earned a Post Graduate Certificate in Management from the University of Teesside.


Royal Television Society


Best Broadcast Promotional (2005)


Best Broadcast Promotional (2004)

Channel 4


Best Short Film (2005)