Since 1980 I have made scores of corporate films for clients large and small, locally and internationally. My work has been for government departments, businesses involved in global telecommunications, shipping, offshore oil & gas, nuclear power generation, civil engineering but also small businesses specialist and high-tech and engineering.


My work shooting these short films and teasers, as Director of Photography and Cinematographer, has come about because of my extensive experience shooting so many corporate films, commercials, documentaries, and carefully lit and crafted photographic assignments, such as in advertising and architectural work.

To watch some of the films I have made or shot. Showreels and Film Archive

Shooting films


A very emotional story, brilliantly enacted.

This was a four day shoot with the brilliant team of experienced professionals from Glasshouse Media. They were supported by students from Sunderland University BA Film & Television course.

Our leading lady was Sally Collett. Jake Anderson played our leading man and Luke Wallace played the Major.

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Romeo and Juliet meets speed dating, in the beautiful ballroom of the Victorian, Midland Hotel, Bradford.

Our hero arrives late, “I’ve been running, my car, the bus…” “I don’t know why I came, its been a disaster. ” Juliet, “I just knew straight away, pretty much.” “Besides, you know me, I like a project.”

“Oh no, that’s definitely against the rules.” 

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Jack’s War

Set during the First World War, Jack’s War, is a film of love and desertion.

Glasshouse Media invited me to be the Director of Photography on a teaser for Jack’s War, a feature film they have in development. Teasers are short versions of proposed feature films, made to support the funding application process, for the full-length version.

What a project. We had a very small production team and just a very few actors on this low budget teaser. But everyone was totally committed to the project. Actors helped lug camera kit across the battlefield and one also acted as gaffer, rigging the extensive lighting setup in the trench.

Our student cohort from Sunderland University undertook various roles, from runners to Steadicam operator.

David Taylor was the Producer and Director and David Scott was responsible for the editing and special effects.

Chris Eaton wrote and produced the brilliant music score, which is so apt and sympathetic. And Rich McCoull of The East Wing made his usual magic with the audio post production.

Jack’s War is a true story. It was found in the archives of the Imperial War Museum in the form of an audio recording, made in Jack’s own voice. The story is so very human and universal, from a very inhuman era that 100 years on still haunts the people of Europe and far beyond.

I so hope Glasshouse gets the funding for this film.


Choosing Juliet

Choosing Juliet is a romantic comedy written and directed by Bob Griffin, with input from William Shakespeare.

I was Cinematographer on this short film. It was a lovely project to work on with the brilliant team at The Griffin Partnership, an experienced, talented, and hardworking film and television production company.

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