Three new classic car portraits from my collection for the London Classic Car Show

Later today we will be on the road traveling to London to set-up our stand at the Classic Car Show. So, from here on in we may be rather busy. With that in mind I thought I would publish another selection of my car portraits.


This Mercedes Benz is a very low mileage 280SL, a magnificent car in almost mint condition, and such a beauty.


A stunning BMW 325i with all that implies about quality and a great driving experience. The man on the bridge was not the only passer-by who could not take their eyes off her, and that is hardly surprising.


And finally, a superb Porsche 996 Carrera 2, looking lovely in silver, always a winner. It is seen here at Croft Autodrome,

So there you have it, the first 9 of my collection of 12 Classic Car portraits for the show. I do hope you are enjoying them.