New Camera, Sony FS7

My latest camera investment has been in the Sony FS7. This is a fantastic television/digital movie camera, capable of producing the most beautiful pictures. With a super 35 sensor it’s stunning pictures are very well suited to high quality television; commercials, docos, corporates, sports, news, dramas etc. but also the FS7 is a brilliant digital movie camera.

It can be used like any television/video camera, for quick turnaround assignments, but also like a film camera where the pictures are to be extensively graded in post production, affording the highest levels of artistic control. It is a lightweight camera so well suited to hand-held work but, of course, can be used very effectively on any grips equipment. It is a truly all round professional tool.

Since the advent of high definition television, the whole question of which cameras to invest in has been very difficult, with models coming and going so quickly, prices very high and no industry standardisation, clients all seemed to have different preferences. Buying cameras has been a total gamble. Would the camera make, or loose, me money by the time some new product supersedes it, making the expensive purchase worthless over night? No wonder the FS7 is taking the sector by storm, it is reasonably priced but the results are top of the game, no compromise on screen, non. I love it.