Commercial Photography

The term commercial photography includes shooting on location indoors and outside, and in studios. It involves shooting. people, products, and places.

It encompasses several photographic genres, advertising, architectural, industrial, PR, headshots, beauty, fashion, project progress, and aerial, to name a few.

Because of the variety of the work it involves and because clients expect excellence, photographers in this field are amongst the most technically skilled and creative in the profession. Some commercial photographers focus on just one or two of the above fields.

I offer clients a comprehensive and top quality photography service.




Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is a highly specialist discipline. If you need aerial photographs you need to know the photographer has a legally qualified commercial pilot who is appropriately insured.

The work involves contending with the weather much more than with other photo shoots. The shadow of clouds makes photographs dull and flat, which in aerial photography is completely unacceptable. Even a few clouds passing slowly on a gentle breeze, can add to the duration of the flight and add significantly to the cost. So scheduling flights involves careful planning and skilled meteorological forecast interpretation, to ensure quality images can be made without undue delays and consequent cost overruns. I have years of experience in this especially challenging field so can provide clients with fixed price quotes and offer very low costs.

I have shot aerial photographs in many locations around the country. Subjects covered include highway projects, numerous industrial plants, power stations, docks and hospitals.