Hard Man, one of the UK’s most dangerous prisoners

Over the last month or two, I have been shooting a fascinating documentary, the dramatic and powerful story of a legendary hard man from the criminal underworld. David Taylor is directing the film and Glasshouse Media is producing it. David Scott is in charge of post-production.


Our protagonist idolised his uncle, one of the toughest and most feared criminals around.

Even as a small boy, living on a council estate in Peterlee, in the north-east of England, he became very well known to the police. His school was completely unable to reach him, or manage him.

By he was 11 years old, he was attending a special school for troubled young people. And even here he was out of control. His disrespect for authority, violence, and total lack of fear made even the specialist staff in this new school recognise that nobody was ever likely, to be able to help him.

Aged 12 he was planning a truly shocking murder.

Adult crime

As a young adult, he continued his reign of terror. He would even “tax” other criminals, openly taking money they had stolen, using his physical presence and his reputation to intimidate and to do whatever he wanted. He was afraid of nobody, and nobody dared try to stop him doing anything he wanted.

Our “hard man” was enjoying the same “respect” his uncle had enjoyed.

Hard Man in Prison

Given his lifestyle, it is hardly surprising the police continued to arrest him into adulthood for numerous thefts and violent crimes. He was sent to prison several times. Where his attitude to people in authority, his height, powerful physique, and his unrestrained violent behavior “earned” him a fearful reputation. Eventually, he was listed by the Home Office as one of the most dangerous 6 prisoners in the UK.

So what?

His life was out of control. The gangster levels of violence and fear were legendary. However, it’s the events in the final chapter of the story that makes this film so amazing. Watch this space.


Although there is quite a bit still to shoot we do have the main components in the can. It is shaping up to be every bit as compelling viewing, as we always thought it would.