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The Day The Music Died

The Day The Music Died is a phrase we all know. Although, perhaps the younger generation do not really know the story. And now there is a new aspects to the story, too. Who Legendary Rock n Roll artists: Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and JP, the Big Bopper, Richardson are world famous. And this is not …

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Hard Man, one of the UK’s most dangerous prisoners

Over the last month or two, I have been shooting a fascinating documentary, the dramatic and powerful story of a legendary hard man from the criminal underworld. David Taylor is directing the film and Glasshouse Media is producing it. David Scott is in charge of post-production. Childhood Our protagonist idolised his uncle, one of the toughest and most feared criminals …

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Jaguar XJ13 – Driving the Legend

JAGUAR XJ13 – the Le Mans racing car In the 1960s Jaguar were making great and iconic cars. Cars that have stood the test of time far better than most others of the era. Meanwhile, Jaguar’s Competition Department were having great success in international motorsport, despite being rather underfunded, compared to some of their rivals; …

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