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Great British Bake Off – Peter Sawkins Makes Lunch With Davina McCall

RYVITA – FEEL GOOD LIVE 04:30 hrs., Saturday 13th of February 2021. It was bitterly cold and still black dark as I loaded my ice-covered car with a shed load of my video production equipment. You Take The High Road, I’ll Take The Low Road, And I’ll Be In Scotland Afore You. Scotland was in …

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The Day The Music Died

The Day The Music Died is a phrase we all know. Although, perhaps the younger generation do not really know the story. And now there is a new aspects to the story, too. Who Legendary Rock n Roll artists: Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and JP, the Big Bopper, Richardson are world famous. And this is not …

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Lacry Couture designer Lacry Puravu at Magic hour

Fashion Shoot – Lacry Couture

A few weeks ago on a very cold November Saturday, I was to shoot a set of fashion photographs for Lacry Couture. Our main theme was “Duchess”. Designer, Lacry Puravu had created three outfits for this theme. Our location, the grounds of the stunning Royal Holloway University Campus, just west of London. Dark Beauty However, Lacry Couture had another, …

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Shakedown at Curborough – Jaguar XJ13 recreation

SHAKEDOWN AT CURBOROUGH My Jaguar XJ13 film, Shakedown at Curborough, has been a labour of love. I shot it in early August 2016. Apart from about four days when I was working on other projects, I have been fully occupied editing it. It is the latest of my films about the amazing story of Neville Swales‘ most authentic …

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