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Shakedown at Curborough – Jaguar XJ13 recreation

SHAKEDOWN AT CURBOROUGH My Jaguar XJ13 film, Shakedown at Curborough, has been a labour of love. I shot it in early August 2016. Apart from about four days when I was working on other projects, I have been fully occupied editing it. It is the latest of my films about the amazing story of Neville Swales‘ most authentic …

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Jaguar XJ13 – Driving the Legend

JAGUAR XJ13 – the Le Mans racing car In the 1960s Jaguar were making great and iconic cars. Cars that have stood the test of time far better than most others of the era. Meanwhile, Jaguar’s Competition Department were having great success in international motorsport, despite being rather underfunded, compared to some of their rivals; …

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