Model Head Shots

Model Head Shot

I recently spent the evening with two lovely young models. We had a great time but more importantly we made some lovely model head shots, to promote their careers.

Earlier, I had been on assignment, to shoot some head shots for the newly appointed Chief Executive of Tees Valley Arts, James Beighton. So I took the opportunity to shoot some head shots for a couple of Tyne Tees Models‘ models, Sophie Gloag and Sophie Bear, whilst the studio was still set up.

The Shoot

We had no hair stylist or makeup artist, so the girls did their own beautification and then it was time for me to get busy. All told we spent about 3 hours working and shot seveal setups (looks).

Space was at a premium. We were working in a headshot studio situation, I had set up specifically for Mr Beighton, and so were limited to being able to shoot model head shots for the girls.

First, we shot Sophie Bear, or Sophie 1 as I called her, because she was first to arrive. I shot the first set against a white background, a classic head shot approach. At just 19, Sophie 1 has already become an accomplished and confident professional. She looked great, worked well in front of my camera and lights and took direction perfectly.

Then it was Sophie Gloag‘s, or Sophie 2’s, turn. She also was a total professional, and had busied herself doing her makeup whilst I shot the other Sophie’s first set. Very soon we had a selection of lovely classic head shots on white.

Next up was Sophie 1, or Sophie Bear, again. This time against a grey background, also very much in line with a conventional head shot approach. But grey tends to look more vibrant, as the darker background makes the subjects colours look richer.

And then Sophie Gloag again, also against the grey. First, we shot a set where Sophie looking into the light, off camera. Then after a touch of her brush playing with her hair.

The Wrap

By the time I decided to wrap on this shoot, we had shot several hundred photographs. I was happy we had done enough. I would be able to select some really nice model head shots for the girls that they would love and importantly that would work brilliantly for them.

As always I was blown away by my Canon 5Ds 50 megapixel camera. The quality it produces is staggering., especially with these new ultra high performance L series lenses.

And the new wireless Elinchrom ELC 1000 studio flash heads and Indirect Recta Light Motiv, light shaper produced the ultimate in lighting quality and slick convenience. And to be able to adjust my studio flash equipment, wirelessly, from the camera and from the Sekonic L478 flash meter was so slick. Fantastic.

The Author: Ian McCann MRPS, MBKSTS MGTC PgCM
is a multiple award-winning: Photographer, Filmmaker & Director of Photography, with more four decades of full-time experience making pictures and using cameras to tell stories.

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