Ian McCann’s CLASSIC CAR PORTRAITS (International)

I have recently launched Ian McCann’s CLASSIC CAR PORTRAITS (International). With my background in international car advertising photography, and loving classic cars, I am very excited about it.

Ian McCann’s CLASSIC CAR FILMS (International)

I am also a very experienced, and multiple award winning, filmmaker. So, I am delighted to offer classic car owners bespoke CLASSIC CAR FILMS. These can be individual filmed car portraits or documentary style productions. So if your car, or collection, is important to you, has a story to tell, or you just want a cinematic spectacular epic, featuring one or more of your favourite classic cars, just get in touch. You may be surprised how affordable and how special they can be.


Ian McCann’s CLASSIC CAR – Services

Ian McCann’s CLASSIC CAR PORTRAITS (International)

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Ian McCann’s CLASSIC CAR PHOTOGRAPHY – Shows & Meets

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Ian McCann’s CLASSIC CAR FILMS & Special Projects (International)

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Ian McCann’s CLASSIC CAR PORTRAITS (International)

No Limits 

Anything, anywhere. My clients get whatever they want.

Fine Art (unique and carefully conceived images of your cars)

Ian McCann’s CLASSIC CAR PORTRAITS (International) is a truly bespoke, worldwide photography service for classic car owners.

Endless Possibilities

Portraits, Albums, Private Collections, Photographic Essays, Calendars, 3 Meter Prints (on metal). Whatever you want with no compromises.

With a totally unlimited range of possibilities it can be difficult to decide. So I provide a creative consultation as part of the service. Think of it a chat or two. You may be amazed by the possibilities.

To help clients decide, I have developed four different services at different price points. But there are no limits to what can be done, non whatsoever.

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Home-Page-31Home-Page-38However, I also make classic car portraits for clients who want something more “POPULAR” than “GRAN TURISMO”. My classic car portfolio includes a stunning Peugeot 205 GTi and a brilliant BMW E30, 325i, for very good reasons.

Whatever your car, and whatever your budget, you will get the best photography, in stunning settings, and at the very best prices.

Ian McCann’s Classic Car Photography – Meets & Shows

Trinity-Car-Solutions-Breakfast-Club-15Trinity-Car-Solutions-Breakfast-Club-2Trinity-Car-Solutions-Breakfast-Club-18Trinity-Car-Solutions-Breakfast-Club-16I shoot classic car shows and meets, which are always so enjoyable.

Trinity-Car-Solutions-Breakfast-Club-1Trinity Car Solutions invited me to exhibit my work at their April 2016 Breakfast meet.




Recently, I have made several portraits of some wonderful classic cars, from the 1980s and 90s, for Trinity Car Solutions and some of their private classic car owner customers.

Ian McCann’s CLASSIC CAR FILMS (International) & Special Projects

20160809_114232_015_01Neville Swales has spent several years recreating a unique and legendary Jaguar Le Mans sports racer. He attained the highest levels of authenticity in two ways. Initially, by buying one of the just 6, quad cam V12, engines, Jaguar built for this car. But authenticity has also been ensured through the in-depth support of the men who built the original XJ13.

Building the Legend

In 2015, Neville asked me to make a documentary film about the building of his toolroom copy of this legendary, and truly great 1960s, 215 mph racing car. Building the Legend Part 1 was a wonderful project. But sadly, due to delays in the engine being rebuilt and tested, we were unable to progress to shooting parts 2 and 3. Nonetheless, the fascinating story makes for a very enjoyable short CLASSIC CAR FILM.

Shakedown at Curborough

I also made a film to record the 2nd shakedown of Neville’s XJ13. Shot at Curborough Sprint Course, this film recounts the history of the original Jaguar XJ13 and Neville’s recreation of it. The story of the Malcolm Sayer designed XJ13 is fabled and the Neville Swales XJ13 is just as fascinating. Together they make a compelling and amazing legend. 

Behind the scenes

My daughter, Rebecca came along to help with the sound. She also shot many photographs of the day and of me filming.

20160809_11183120160809_13474320160809_143441_008-(1024)20160811_12134320160809_114244_029_01The above photographs are all Rebecca’s work.

Neville invited about 20 evocative cars of the era, and their owners, to Curborough Sprint Course, to share in the fun during the shakedown.

1F8A31271F8A31411F8A3139The above, are photographs I managed to shoot quite quickly at the end of the day, after I wrapped the film shoot. These photos are just my snap shots but I think they look nice.

Film editing

For the next 6 weeks or so I was locked into editing SHAKEDOWN AT CURBOROUGH. This labour of love tells the stories of Neville’s and Jaguar’s XJ13s. It also celebrates the stunning cars having a fun track day.

Ian McCann’s Commercial Photography


I trained in advertising photography.

I love being creative and I can be just a touch OCD. So, meticulously crafting original, eye-catching, and pristine advertising images plays to my strengths.


Architectural photography involves many of the same traits needed in advertising photography. These include aesthetic sensitivity, craft skill, and patience.

A good coat is also useful.


Industrial photography may not be very glamorous.

However, I undertake it with every bit as much commitment, art, and skill, as I apply to other photography assignments.