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CF Fertilisers – More Than Just Another Workplace

As part of the drive for continuous improvement to the already very good performance metrics of CF Fertilisers‘ Teesside manufacturing plant, management decided to try to put smiles on the faces of the people working there. Thinking “outside the box” The point was to create an environment where people would feel appreciated and happy, and being in a good frame of …

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SHOWREEL 2016 v1 – Cinematography & Photography

I have a new showreel, SHOWREEL 2016 v1 I have had about 4 years off work with family care commitments. But I have been back at work, starting to rebuild my client list and buying lots of great new kit for about a year. And so the new showreel is to signpost the re-launch of …

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Editing at TVA

Filmmaking at Tees Valley Arts – three films needed

Filmmaking For what seems like an eternity, I have been very busy filmmaking for Tees Valley Arts. It is another really hot day, and here I am again, working indoors editing. I was contracted to shoot and edit a set of 3 films for the awfully nice team at TVA; Rowena, Peter, Miki and Maurice. This wonderful group …

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