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SHOWREEL 2016 v1 – Cinematography & Photography

I have a new showreel, SHOWREEL 2016 v1 I have had about 4 years off work with family care commitments. But I have been back at work, starting to rebuild my client list and buying lots of great new kit for about a year. And so the new showreel is to signpost the re-launch of …

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Man Cave

I thought you might like a peep into the man cave that was my stand at the London Classic Car Show. Unfortunately, the concrete block walling rather filled the car so the man cave styling; tool boxes, oil cans, set of tyres to make a table, etc all had to be scaled back. Anyway, it …

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Classic car photographs – update

I have made about a dozen classic car photographs for the London Classic Car Show 2016. It has been an around the clock venture, for about 3 weeks, so far. The light and weather have not been ideal, not very often anyway. But with creativity, skill and a commitment to quality, good, things can still …

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